Professional Steam Irons – Are They For Home Use As Well?


Why would anyone want to use professional steam irons? Isn’t a steam iron designed for home use enough for all our needs? That’s usually the case. However, there are times when we’ll need more muscles from our irons. It may happen once a month or once a week. So what are you going to do when that happens? Spend half an hour trying to take care of it?

This is where professional steam irons can help you. They can do bigger jobs that their weaker counterparts just can’t do efficiently. Owning one can help ensure that your ironing time is cut drastically. Yes, it wouldn’t matter if it’s a big or small job. Here are some of the more popular brands and models out there:

1. Bosch TDS2569GB Professional Power Steam Generator Iron

You’d know that it’s a powerful steam iron because it’s made by a company that makes a living making power tools. It’s considered as the most powerful in its class. It has a 120g/min steam output that can easily get the job done quickly. It also has a Palladium Glissee ceramic soleplate that’s not usually found on other steam irons comprar plancha de vapor.

2. Morphy Richards 40751 ComfiGrip Professional Steam Iron

Don’t let its small size fool you. It can probably outlast you with its tank capacity of 420ml. This means that you can iron without having to refill the water every few minutes. It also features the Comfigrip Tip Technology that allows you to use its powerful steam burst feature to reach the otherwise hard to reach areas like sleeves, shoulders and around buttons. It can also last a long time with its anti-scale features so you can be sure that your investment will be worth it. It’s also the perfect appliance for vertical steaming.

3. Russell Hobbs 14723 Steamglide Professional Iron

There have been a lot of ironing accidents so it can be quite a concern. But you don’t have to be concerned with some professional steam irons like this one from Russell Hobbs. It has an auto shut off feature that will turn the appliance off if you left it unattended. It’s also a comfortable appliance because it glides effortlessly with the help of its ceramic soleplate and a handle that’s soft to the grip. But this machine is about power as well with 2400 watts of power in its arsenal.

It’s true that professional steam irons can be more expensive. But it gets more job done at less time. That’s what ironing should be about so you can save time and effort and get the job done in the process.

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