Medal of Honor Cashes – Why Does Medal of Honor Crash, How to Fix It


Medal of Honor will wreck if beginning. It becomes around 20 percent and after that automatically crashes. We’ll talk about the ways to resolve this issue.


1. Publish Configuration Data Files
2. Repair Medal of Honor Registry Configurations
3. Modify Sport Configurations
4. Re Install DirectX
5. Ensure Appropriate Space
6. Disable Mouse Acceleration

Delete Configuration Files

Medal of Honor loads its configurations from your 3 files cited beneath. Medal of Honor crashes when these records comprise improper guidelines. Delete the records to re set its own settings.

Inch. Open My Documents.
2. Doubleclick: EA Online Games \ Medal of HonorĀ trophies
3. Delete the Subsequent file:
a. Settings.ini
4. Doubleclick: EA Online Games \ Medal of Honor\ Save
5. Restart the match.

Repair Registry Configurations

Medal of Honor crashes if the registry entries are improperly modified. Registry admissions of this game needs to contain legitimate values which can be taken into account through the game at that time it is loaded.

It’s mandatory that you install a Registry Cleaner software and then scan the device registry. Take out any out of date, pointless and junk entrances that uncovered.

Alter Video Game

Letting the unsupported features may result in burnout of Honor crashes. You have to put in the match configurations correctly as long as just supported functions are permitted.

Inch. Open My Computer.
2. Doubleclick: EA Video Games \ Medal of Honor
3. Open up Settings.ini file.
4. Look for a text DxVersion
5. Change its worth to 9 from vehicle.
6. Save file by pressing Ctrl + S.
7. Restart the game.

Re Install DirectX

Problem with the setup of Direct X can result in Medal of Honor crashes. It’s mandatory that you reinstall it so as to eliminate this situation. To accomplish this, get the latest edition of DirectX from Microsoft web site and install it on your own PC.

Ensure Proper Space

Just before playing with the game, make certain that you have adequate free diskspace. Lack of disk space regularly ends in match crashes. To wash your disc area, perform the next process:

Inch. Simply click Start | All Applications | Equipment | Technique Resources | Disk CleanUp.
2. Choose the drive in which the game has been installed.
3. Press ENTER.
4. Stick to the onscreen directions.

The game crashes in the event the mouse stride feature is not supported. Do below actions to disable the mouse stride and then stop the game from crashing.

Inch. Open My Computer.
2. Doubleclick: EA Video Games \ Medal of Honor\Multiplayer
3. Open up GameSettings.ini file.
4. Look for a text InputAcceleration
5. Replace its value to 0 from 1.
6. Save the file by pressing Ctrl + S.
7. Restart the game.